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About the Artist



Artist Barbara Hogarth was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Barb's first experience with woodworking came in 7th grade while living in Ohio. She made a hanging demi tasse spoon display out of cedar, and she was hooked. Unfortunately, when the family moved back to Michigan, the school system did not allow girls to take shop class, so her woodworking development was stalled. While at MSU, however, Barb took a wood carving class at Lansing Community College. 


After moving to Royal Oak, Barb started her stained glass and woodworking classes through adult education. She moved on to taking stained glass classes from Vicki Payne, who had a shop in the area. Woodworking hand tools and skills classes at another adult ed, and an extension class at the Center for Creative Studies in Detroit, where she tried blowing glass for the first time. Over time, she gained experience working at other glass blowing studios in the Detroit area.

As her skills developed, Barb took classes instead of "vacations". Glass blowing at Fiasco Glass in Glenn, MI as well as Oxbow in Saugatuck. Woodworking classes at the Marc Adams School of Woodworking near Indianapolis, where she continues to attend for a week or two every year.


Through her classes at Fiasco and Oxbow, Barb met and became friends with many artists along the Michigan lakeshore. Liking the area, and deciding to take "the plunge", she moved to Fennville in 2002 to open her own studio. The Blue Star Studio of Wood and Glass opened in the fall of 2003, and has regular hours during the summer and fall, as well as appointment times year round.
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