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Wood Turning is a particular love of Barb's. Spindle turnings, bowls, hollow forms, "plates", and bracelets, fashioned from a multitude of wood species. Functional, as well as purely decorative pieces, may be found on any studio visit.

Shaker Boxes are available in a variety of sizes. A few, also, masquerade as music boxes. No glues are used to construct these boxes. Only copper tacks and wooden pegs. Barb uses figured veneers to top most of her Shakers. On occasion, however, she uses a photo transfer technique to create a totally different look to the box top.

Fan Carving is one of the oldest forms of woodcarving, and originated in Russia, then moved west to the Scandinavian and European countries. Barb carves, mostly, fan birds, but other subjects sometimes creep into the mix. Although some people do use power equipment to create these birds, all of Barb's are carved, entirely, using hand tools. For more information on Fan Carving, visit

Marquetry is the process of constructing pictures with wood veneers (~1/40th" thick). Barb frames her marquetry pieces to create wall art.

Pyrography (woodburning) can be used to create a design or picture that stands on its own, or as decorative embellishment on any wooden object. Both techniques have been employed in this studio.

Kolrosing is an old Scandanavian technique that was most often used to decorate utilitarian objects such as spoons, bowls, plates, and cups.